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Specializing in providing our client law firms with the very best insurance coverage and risk management services from the market’s leading professional liability insurers.

We specialize exclusively in Lawyer’s Professional Liability insurance.
We have access to the leading carriers in this niche market.
We can provide easy to understand program comparisons so your firm can most effectively evaluate what the market has to offer.

"You have been a pleasure to work with. You were personally responsible for revamping this Firm’s coverage and saving us a tremendous amount of money".
"Todd, you made a great impression on us. I appreciate the way you have fought for us. The agent relationship is important to me."
"It is important that our broker is a specialist in the Lawyer’s Professional Liability Insurance market."
"We find great value in working directly with the President of the company, Todd Richmond."
"Our firm benefits from your strong relationships with the leading carriers, risk management and claim experts in the industry."
We specialize in working with law firms - all areas of practices, sizes, and claim history.
In many states, we not only offer access to the market's leading professional liability carriers, we offer access to carriers that most other insurance brokers simply cannot directly access. Today's insurance market is certainly not the time to not be able to consider the very best carriers the market has to offer.
We offer a rather unique atmosphere that makes it very easy for law firms to consider and place the most comprehensive and best priced insurance programs from financially strong and experienced insurance companies.
A free policy review featuring a report that will highlight program advantages as well as possible shortcomings in coverage. We will also suggest realistic ways to improve the firm’s overall insurance program and risk management procedures.
Immediate access to independent risk management experts and advisors.
Loss prevention programs to help reduce the risk of claims and lower the cost of professional liability insurance today and in the future.
In the unfortunate event of a claim, our active participation in the claim handling process helps resolve matters promptly, fairly, and oftentimes at the lowest possible cost to the law firm.
We are business partners that bring the underwriter, claim staff, and management of today’s leading insurers closer to our client law firms. We foster communication and facilitate the vital relationship between the law firm, the carrier and insurance advisor/broker.
We continue to research for data and resources that may provide valuable information on where claims emanate and how best to insulate law firms from loss.
Today’s law firm faces significant challenges. Selecting the best insurance carrier and insurance brokerage consultant should be as risk free as possible. We are confident that other insurance brokers and agents cannot match our dedication, experience, leverage and specialization in this niche insurance market. In fact, insurance brokers often call on us as consultants to help them place law firm business and to otherwise assist them in understanding the complexities of the different carriers, their appetite for risk, and varying program features.

The partnership can start now!
We would like to speak with your law firm about the many benefits of doing business with Richmond Insurance Group. We are confident that we have the experience, access to the programs and professional expertise to make the best insurance program available to your firm today and in the future! Ask for our references, who is better to tell you how well we perform than your peers!