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Comments from law firms that were perhaps skeptical of the service we offer; firms that figured we’d need too much information, or who felt that their current broker was doing just fine for their firm…


“You have been a pleasure to work with. You were personally responsible for revamping this Firm’s coverage and saving us a tremendous amount of money”.
Large law firm in Chicago

Todd, you made a great impression on us. I appreciate the way you have fought for us. The agent relationship is important to me.”
Large law firm in Milwaukee

“It is important that our broker is a specialist in the Lawyer’s Professional Liability Insurance market.” Large law firm in Chicago

“Our firm benefits from your strong relationships with the leading carriers, risk management and claim experts in the industry.”
Large law firm in Chicago

“What a great service you provide. Minimal effort on our part enabled our firm to evaluate what so many insurance companies had to offer.”
Mid-size law firm in Chicago

“Todd, you are the greatest. Your service is awesome!”
Small law firm in Kansas City

“I will recommend your services to the other law firms….you have always provided outstanding customer service with that personal touch.”
Large law firm in Chicago

“Todd, the background information you provided on each of the carriers was terrific and of great value to our firm. Thank you for another year of good work!”
Mid-size law firm in Chicago

“The service and knowledge you provided our firm was so far superior to anything we have seen. Send me some of your business cards, I want to spread the word to other trial attorneys.”
Small law firm in Chicago

“We can’t thank you enough for what you did for us this year in what could have been a very difficult renewal for our firm. We really appreciate all you did.”
Mid-size law firm in Chicago

“Thank you for all the research and information you provided. We would have not known about the other carriers if it weren't’t for you.”
Small law firm in Waukegan, IL

"Todd, we cannot thank you enough for all of the work you did on our behalf with our carrier and defense counsel. As you know, we were somewhat nervous and rather anxious about our having to report a claim as we have never had a claim against our firm before. Your immediate and thorough work in helping to resolve the matter was outstanding."
Mid-size firm in Chicago

"We were referred to you by (attorney name omitted) at (firm name omitted). While we are certainly not as large nor as complex as (firm name omitted), we have recently received notice from our carrier that we can expect a significant increase in the premium and perhaps other changes in the coverage and deductible this year. Please review the attached material including the copy of the notice we received from (carrier name omitted) and let us know if you can help."
Mid-size firm in Chicago