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60% Corporate Litigation Work, 45-attorneys
We placed the insurance for this firm that carries $20 million in limits excess a $50,000 deductible for a premium of $75,000. The only other quote the firm was able to obtain was for only $10 million in limits for a premium of $78,000.
100% Intellectual Property
This firm’s carrier issued non-renewal because the carrier decided to no longer insure law firms. Richmond Insurance Group was selected as the firm’s exclusive broker. After working with 13 different carriers for this firm, we were able to put together a program with a total of $10 million of coverage that was split by two carriers.
30% Real Estate, 20% Commercial Litigation, 25% Plaintiff
Richmond Insurance Group earned the business of a law firm by saving the firm 12% in premium. The carrier we placed the firm with has over 30 years experience insuring law firms vs. the competition who just recently entered the market. In addition, our deductible was 25% less than the incumbent’s. Our carrier did not require the firm to complete a new application.

80% Civil Litigation, 10% Collection
Richmond Insurance Group moved a law firm from a carrier that is not going to write law firms any longer. The incumbent broker, whom the firm had placed their insurance with for a number of years, best price was 26% higher than our proposal. In addition, our deductible was significantly less than the best terms offered by the incumbent broker.
100% Plaintiff Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice 12-attorneys
Fighting the odds of a long-term relationship with the firm’s current broker, Todd Richmond placed this boutique plaintiff firm’s insurance with an A+ rated carrier at a premium of $50,000 for $10 million in limits. The only quote the incumbent broker presented was for a premium of over $80,000.

25% Domestic Relations, 25% plaintiff
Richmond Insurance Group was able to secure coverage for a law firm that had been non-renewed by their current carrier for claims frequency and severity. While one carrier came in at a premium of $78,000, we were able to provide options for the firm at like limits and deductible for $50,000. The firm ended up taking lower limits for a premium of $30,000 plus taxes.
27% Tax, 26% Corporate, 17% Real Estate 31-Attorneys
After participating in an extensive broker selection competition, we were selected as the firm's exclusive Broker of Record. Their incumbent carrier was coming in with renewal terms at over $130,000 while we had four carriers offering like or better coverage at premiums that were less than $100,000. We have successfully placed this law firm's coverage with the firm paying less on a per attorney basis this year than they have paid in the last two years.

97% Worker’s Comp.-Defense 14-attorneys.
Originally told by a firm that we had no chance to write their insurance because they had been with their broker for a number of years and their carrier for a decade or so, we earned the business of a 14-attorney firm by offering far superior coverage at quite a bit lower price. First Dollar Defense, Defense Costs in Addition to the Limits and an Aggregate Deductible were all part of our program.
72% Insurance Defense
Yet another firm that was advised that their current carrier was no longer going to insure law firms, we placed this firm's coverage at a $2 million limit and a $10,000 aggregate deductible with first dollar defense coverage for a very low premium of $1,431 per attorney. In addition, the defense costs for this firm would be in addition to the firm's limits, not part of their limits, a very strong benefit to obtain in today's market.
100% Insurance Defense
We placed $1 million of coverage with only a $5,000 deductible for a premium that was just over $1,000 per attorney. Coverage included work the attorneys had performed while they were at a firm that has since been dissolved.
100% Plaintiff Personal Injury
For like coverage and limits, Richmond Insurance Group was able to move a law firm from an "A" rated carrier to a "A++" rated carrier while reducing the firm’s premium by 42%. Pleased with our work, this firm has referred many other law firms to Richmond Insurance Group.

98% Plaintiff Personal Injury
This high profile plaintiff firm was informed by their carrier that rates will be going up this year.  We were hired to help the firm place the coverage. Our proposals were significantly better than any other quote the firm received.  Our winning quote included an aggregate deductible and defense costs that were in addition to the policy limits.
75% Class Action – Plaintiff firm, 5-attorneys
The incumbent carrier finally came back to this firm two days after their coverage had expired and offered the firm a quote with a premium that was 65% higher than last year's premium. We reacted immediately --the next day we placed the coverage with an A+ rated carrier for almost the same premium as  expiring. In addition, our deductible was half the deductible offered by the incumbent carrier. 
90% Domestic Relations,

For a firm that had been with the ISBA since 1991, we placed the insurance for this firm with an A+ rated carrier offering like terms by saving the firm over 45% in premium this year. The ISBA’s premium was up significantly this year

100% Plaintiff Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice,

Only after one year of being insured by their carrier, the firm was advised that their per attorney rate would be increasing by at least 25% this renewal. Not only did we place higher limits and far superior coverage for the firm this year, we did so for less than their expiring per attorney rate.